Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Cottage Cooking Club - March Recipes

My dear fellow members of The Cottage Cooking Club:

Now we are at the beginning of March and therefore into our twenty-third month of preparing recipes from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall´s “River Cottage Everyday Veg”.

PLEASE feel free to substitute or add local vegetables to the recipes as it is always best to cook with what you can find at your local farmers´markets and greengrocers.

From the chapter "Comfort Food & Feasts“:

1. North African squash and chickpea stew (page 30) - Sorry, one more squash dish but feel free to substitute sweet potatoes or another vegetable here

2. Potato dauphinoise OR Half-and-half dauphinoise OR Celeriac and potato dauphinoise OR Potato and turnip dauphinoise (page 60)

3. Courgette penne spoufflé (page 43)

4. Three-root boulangère (page 64)

From the chapter of "Bready Things“:

5. Nachos with refried beans (page 190)

6. The vegiflette toastie (page 206)

7. Roasted new potatoes with harissa (page 225)

From the chapter of  "Store-Cupboard Suppers“

8. Dressed Puy lentils (page 237) - great use for all that fresh Italian parsley

9. Dhal (page 238)

 From the chapter of "Pasta & Rice":

10. Vegetable biryani (page 274)


Please remember to leave a comment with your personal choice(s) by March 7th at the end of this post.

Please remember to leave a comment with the link to your personal blog post on the LYL post by March 28th and/or our facebook page!

Please note that after your February posts, we will have about thirty (20) recipes left, leaving 2 more posts after this one.


Our motto for the month of March is: Hang in there, we have almost made it! Seriously, I do hope that you still enjoy cooking from Hugh´s book AND that you will continue cooking with this lovely group as we tackle two more book of his starting in the lovely month of May!

Thank you! Merci beaucoup! Vielen Dank!


  1. We've talked about this before, that I'm a musicologist by training, and I started humming when I read the last line of the motto (Im wunderschönen Monat Mai). Ah, Dichterliebe. Anyway, the task at hand. I'm having a hard time choosing, so I'll say that I will at least make
    -Nachos (because I have to try this out--love trying other cultures' takes on Mexican food)
    -Potatoes in harissa

    Thanks, Andrea! Can't believe it's almost over and looking forward to the next book(s)!

  2. Hello everyone, here are my choices for this month, take care!! Cheri
    Dressed Puy lentils (page 237) -
    Three-root boulangère (page 64)
    The vegiflette toastie (page 206)

  3. I'm hanging in there, but I really can't face another squash (or sweet potato)! So I'll be making:

    Three-root boulangère (page 64)
    The vegiflette toastie (page 206)
    I made the Nachos with refried beans (page 190) when the Refried Beans Foldover was chosen, before I realized recipe variations would become featured recipes, so I may make the foldover this month.

  4. We're having trouble narrowing it down, too - glad we're not the only ones, Katie!
    For sure, we're going to make:
    Vegetable biryani
    Nachos with refried beans

    Kevin's also lobbying for Roasted new potatoes with harissa, so we'll see, and there might be more!

  5. Andrea, these are my choices for March: Potato Dauphinoise, Spinach, penne and cheese spouffle, Dressed green lentils and Dal. (I have lots of spinach on hand from my Talley Farms box so will make the spinach spouffle version which I didn't do before.) Good choices this month even though we're coming to the end.

  6. First of all, I wanted to apologize to those with wordpress blogs. I am having trouble commenting on wordpress blogs. I have a self hosted wordpress. And when I try to comment on blogs, it's asking me to log in, but then telling me that someone else has my login and password. (It's not even accepting totally unrelated to blogging email addresses that I have!) I'm trying to work this out and will appreciate any advice!

    A busy month for me outside of blogging so I am going to commit to making:
    vegetable biryani
    roasted new potatoes with harissa

    ....and if time permits...the North African Stew.

    Happy cooking everyone!

  7. Hello Andrea and All, whew. Maybe Dhal, a toastie. I've prepared the Vegetable Biryani already but loved it so may make it to send to my daughters work. Have a great month everyone.

  8. Another great list of choices! I just made the refried beans for the nachos. I'm going to try to make the souffle as well.

  9. Once again, a lovely slate of choices. I might be over-ambitious, but I plan to make:
    Courgette penne spouffle
    Vegiflette toastie (I love toasties!)
    Vegetable Biryani

  10. I am skipping #4 cos I have not seen any celeriac lately on the shelves. But I am dreaming about sinking my teeth into #6! Numbers #1, 3, 9 and 10 are on my to-do list. My lunch place at work closed so I need to make my own :)

  11. OK, here are my choices...
    Potato dauphinoise (because how can you not make that?)
    Courgette penne spoufflé (page 43)
    Dressed Puy lentils (page 237)

    We'll see if I can get to any others. Busy month, but they all sound so delicious. And Andrea!! 23 months? Wow!