Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Peas (P´s) & Cukes (Q´s) for January recipes

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions with respect to the January recipes or any of the ingredients used in the recipes, please feel free to post them here: 


  1. Heads up for those of you making the lasagne recipe. The increments are incorrect in regard to splitting up the sauce. It says to mix half of the sauce with the kale, and line the dish with the other half. Then to top the last layer of pasta with the remaining sauce - which there is none.

    1. I'm not sure what edition you have, Cathleen, but mine (Appetite 2013) has slightly different instructions: half the sauce gets mixed into the kale; "spread half the remaining" sauce in the dish, so that's 1/4 of the batch; remainder goes on the top. A correction must have been made by the time this one was printed.
      Lucky for me because I already made this...rich but delicious!

    2. You are correct Zosia!! I misread the recipe.

    3. Dear Cathleen and Zosia, as I mentioned in my previous comment on January 13th, I have also read through the recipe, the British version includes the same wording with respect to the sauce, as does the online recipe (http://www.rivercottage.net/recipes/kale-and-mushroom-lasagne).
      Thank you very much for pointing out the passage in the recipe that can easily be misread.
      We all appreciate it!